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Birth of Venus, Modern


Pastel and ink

On paper


Ltd. ed.


               Price unframed


28.5x11.5 inch:  $225 ...

For a closer look you can have a postcard-sized sample image mailed to you anywhere

in the USA for $5 ...





Inspired by Alexandre Cabanel's 1863 exhibit at the Salon, she is to a transom as a hand to a glove




Voluptuous women and substantial men signified prosperity not so long ago.  In this adaptation of Cabanel's Birth of Venus, I represented Venus's body more in line with my own notion of healthy sufficiency.  In addition to a few pounds, my Venus was also pared of the hovering Cupids seen in the original below.  

Although her dimensions really were conceived to fit a transom, such a perch is hardly a necessity. 

This modern Venus would catch the eye on any long wall when matted in teal and framed in teak.  

Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel, hung in the 1863 Paris Salon